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If you are a Kindle user, books showing a sign means books can be sent direct to your Kindle from our download pages or Member Library -
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A Stiff Penalty (Paul Brody)

A Stiff Penalty by Paul Brody


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    • Average 4.0 from 1 ratings

James gets a visit from one of Marge`s beautiful gang members demanding him to steal money from the bank he works for, or she will tell them his little secret. He gets drawn into a world of sexual slavery by Marge`s all female gang, working as a prostitute for them first, and then laundering Marge`s drug money, rather than have his criminal past revealed. The gang uses anal sex on James to enforce their orders, make sure that he doesn`t steal their money, and then try to recruit his girlfriend Tamara. A continuation to Undercover Ho.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2011

No. words: 15100

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Sex Slavery / Training, Bondage/BDSM Thrillers

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


James wasn`t expecting the woman, who came to him in a smart grey skirt suit, with short dark hair, an open necked white shirt demonstrating that she was not only beautiful but also buxom, and she crossed her smooth legs in the chair in front of his desk. He wasn`t expecting her to come to his office with her alluring figure and barge in while he was doing paperwork without being asked at two-thirty in the afternoon. He still had a lot to do before he left.
“I`m sorry, this won`t take long,” she said, a thin smile coming to her full red lips. “My name is Mandy. You recently met my friend … Sandra.” Although she left the door open the hall beside his office was very long and usually empty, so there wasn`t much chance of anyone hearing.
He searched his mind but couldn`t come up with a person to match the name Sandra. “I meet a lot of people. The bank has a lot of clients.”
“You wouldn`t forget her.”
James shrugged. No one could hear, even though the door was open. He thought, she couldn`t be talking about the prostitute he had use a few weeks ago, could she?
“Long blond hair … big tits?”
Something about the way she said big tits caused him to look at her tits, which were larger than Sandra`s by the looks of it. He knew somewhere in the back of his mind that the prostitute`s name was Sandra, and everything about the visitor screamed out sex trade, yet he wouldn`t admit it. She had bigger tits, he thought. “I`m very busy … can I help you?”
“I don`t want much of your time,” Mandy said. “I want to know if you can steal money … from the bank. My boss, Marge, is the head of a female syndicate. It`s basically a criminal organization. So, can you steal from the bank?”
“I guess everyone who`s worked for the bank thinks about it from time to time,” said James. “There are too many safeguards. Does that answer your questions? It`s impossible. It can`t be done.”
“There has to be a way … if it comes down to one person, who has access to the money, or just somebody at the top, there`s a way.” She stood up, still uninvited, but not caring, either. “I want you to think about it. It was nice meeting you, James.” Then she left.
He watched her walk away and then returned to his paperwork.
Then, the next day, he received at package with his regular mail, delivered by the mailroom staff. He opened the manila envelope, unmarked except for his name, and discovered a photograph of his car inside, taken at the apartment building where he lived. He hadn`t taken in himself, he knew, so it had to be someone else who had taken it.
Until recently, he was happy about his dark Volvo sedan, seen in the picture in the underground garage. He had recently been promoted out of the branch, and the car was one of the reasons why he was promoted, strange as it sounds. There was no note along with the photo, just a photo of his car, in an envelope. He put it back in the envelope, and put the envelope in the desk drawer, thinking about the visitor named Mandy.
Under the office tower was a food court where he usually ate lunch, and then he returned to his desk, until he left at five, and he went to his Volvo, and drove to his apartment, but today, James didn`t … instead, he drove to a neighbourhood very far away from his apartment building and parked it in a guest space of a building much like his own, and he left it and rode the bus home.
He ate his dinner, as he always did, and cleaned up the dishes and then watched a little TV and went to bed.
The next morning, he had a visit from Mandy. She looked a little different from the last time: a little more assertive, although the outfit she had was similar to the last one, but a few shades darker. She sat in front of his desk.
“Have you given the question any thought?”
He stared at her. “You mean … about stealing?”
“You work for the bank. It shouldn`t be that hard.”
“You want me to steal for someone named Marge whom I don`t know? Give me a reason why I shouldn`t call security.”
“Did you get the picture I sent?” asked Mandy.
“Yes.” James attempted to smile, weakly. “Who is this Marge, anyway? Perhaps I could meet her.”
“I could arrange that,” Mandy said.
“Well, I obviously can`t at this moment, but ….”
“Come after work,” Mandy said. “It`s number three, Chester Circle. Come at seven, okay?”
Again, she left abruptly, leaving him in the dark in her absence. He let her go, though. After she left, he took the manila envelope out of his drawer, looking at the photo of the sedan, and he put it away.

Author Information

Paul Brody is the master of femdom writing. His fiction contains beautiful women who use their sexual powers over men, exploring the dynamics of domination/submission scenarios, including bondage, sadomasochism, and domination, especially by women.


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