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If you are a Kindle user, books showing a sign means books can be sent direct to your Kindle from our download pages or Member Library -
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Angelica Chained (Will Buster)

Angelica Chained by Will Buster


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    • Average 5.0 from 2 ratings

Enjoy the spectacle of a thrilling sexual exploitation. Angelica is a demure, virgin of low class poverty. A lecherous British lord gets his clutches on this young innocent who he proceeds to tie down and use for his sorded pleasures along with those of Lucinda his fiery, lust crazed mistress.
Angelica can`t escape and soon becomes the perpetual plaything of these two horny letches. This shy young innocent is quickly converted to the worship of every conceivable vice. This slender, short, blonde with dazzling blue eyes captures Tom`s heart in luxurious ways that even Lucinda cannot match.
Little Angelica is so tight for such a big boy! When this new, exciting, yellow haired tramp squeezes cock with her tiny pussy, Tom doesn`t have a prayer.

This book contains Graphic Descriptions of Hardcore Sex, Oral, Sex Slave, Light Bondage, Lesbian, Threesome

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 8 / 2007

No. words: 18700

Style: Bondage/BDSM Short Stories, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  PDF  MS Reader  


When I arrived at my bedroom the first sight that met my gaze was this lovely nymph that lay spread eagled on the bed. Lucinda is a veritable minx. She is completely uninhibited and versatile when it comes to any sin of the flesh. My exotic dark haired lovely was fetchingly naked except for a provocative black garter belt around her slim waste supporting sheer, silky, dark brown stockings that accented her shapely legs.
“How did you do it?” I ask in no little surprise. The youngster is securely tied to the bed posts. She looks like a little blonde starfish all open for the taking.
“I convinced her it’s a pretty little game. She became very cooperative after all that food and excellent wine Smithers lavished on her. He really is a darling. You really should pay him more, he’s worth every shilling.”
I answer dryly, “I’ll take it under advisement. After all I have to support my inexhaustible appetites as you very well know.”
She gives me one of the most coquettish glances I’ve ever seen her show me. “I should know.” Her voice is knowing and very seductive. I can see her tongue lick her lower lip and her left hand absently stray to her pussy.
The girl is looking at me and her face is flaming red with unguarded shame. She knows I am looking at her and I approach the bed to get an even better view. The smell of lavender and rose greet my nostrils as I look down at my exciting treat. “What is your name my dear?”
She turns her pretty face away and her answer is almost a whisper. “Angelica, my lord.”
I repeat the name as if it is the name of a holy saint. “Angelica, how utterly exquisite. Has Lucinda told you why you are here?”
Angelica looks at me with innocence written all over her pink skinned face. “We’re gonna play some sorta game.”
I’m already hard as a rock. She’s so deliciously low, so base, so incredibly dirty even though she’s just had a bath. Everything about her proclaims a total lack of breeding and culture. But I have to hand it to Lucinda. She knew just what I wanted. As Angelica breathes her shapely tits move up and down, the nipples already hard in instinctive anticipation. It appears her body knows what is going to happen even if her mind does not. It’s obvious that Lucinda has worked with her because of the smell of perfume that is rising from her arms, legs and pretty, pink cunt. Lucinda has tricked out her hair to, combing it in such a way to make this enchanting young thing look even younger like a little schoolgirl that one can see passing every morning to their place of matriculation.
Then she moans, “I’m a good girl I am! Why are you looking at me like that!?”
“Because Angelica you are the game and if you play very well I’ll make you a wealthy woman.”
The street sense quickly takes over. “How so? What would you want with the likes of me no how?”
“What do you consider a lot of money Angelica?”
“My pa makes one pound and six a month but he drinks a lot.”
“I can imagine, judging by the clothes we had to burn just now.”
Shock streaks her face like a meteor. “God’s wounds sir! I’m bare ass naked! And you burned my clothes!”
Her shock is genuine with a trace of fear under it all. “Don’t worry Angelica, I’ll be sending for a seamstress to take your measurements and get you a new dress and undergarments. In fact if you play very nice for me I’ll get you two dresses of different colors. Would you like that?”
Now suspicion finally creeps across her face. Light is perhaps finally beginning to dawn. “What you got in mind governor?”
I let her ponder her predicament for a moment. I turn my impudent gaze on Lucinda who is grinning at me. I can see both amusement and malice mixed in her glinting eyes. “So Lucinda, did you bring her to Doctor Hargood?”
Her voice simmers in anticipation. “Of course my good lord. He confirms that Angelica is a virgin, untouched by any man. She’s brand new fertile ground for you to reap and sow, Tom. I took the liberty of telling her that as the game progressed I would be playing along to.”
I raised my eyebrows in question at that. “How so? I had no idea your tastes ran to females?”
“Occasionally I like the spice and variety of female passion. I think Angelica is going to be very delectable.”
Angelica is looking now at both of us and she sucks in her breath when she sees me undress.
“Well Angelica it’s time we got much better acquainted. Now just relax and play along. Don’t worry; nobody is going to hurt you.”
Her relief is only momentary for in the next moment I am on the bed and my ravenous mouth encounters her untried groin.
She squeals, “Stop that! Make him stop that!”
Lucinda purrs, “That’s part of the game Angelica.”
Angelica’s protests are cut short because in seconds, Lucinda gets on the bed also and spreads her rich cunt on the youngster’s shocked face. Lucinda’s sexy voice is still crooning. “Come on you little sweet thing, lick my cunt. Suck it just like Tommy is going to suck your pretty little pussy. Come on young one! Lick me! Taste me!”
Lucinda for the moment has her back to me and I clearly see her ass crack sitting between the two diminutive tits of the little Angel who’s about to fall into an erotic abyss of utter depravity. I’m overcome with the smell and taste of this fresh young girl. At first her cunt is unresponsive and dry. I’m positive she is anxious and afraid so I decide to go very slow and deliberate. Each stroke of my tongue I’m sure delivers sensations of extreme pleasure to the soft folds of flesh and the clit knob that has never been conquered before. “Between licks I ask Lucinda, “How tall is she?”
“Hmmmm, she’s only four feet nine inches tall. She’s nice and small and tiny. We’re going to have a ball with her. Ooooo yes! She’s a naughty little licker this one. She’s a quick learner.”
Again I put my shoulder to the wheel or actually my tongue to the groove. I search and lick and taste. After minutes of this delicious work I feel her juices begin to flow and I suck greedily at the fresh tangy taste of this new, untried cunt. Muffled moans are finally heard as Angelica’s sex is aroused for probably the very first time in her obviously short life. New sensations and desires are blazing through her love hole, feelings she’s never felt before. Wicked Lucinda has thought of everything. A small wooden dildo is lying near me on the bed. I very slowly and carefully insert it into Angelica’s exposed, helpless bum hole. A squeal of further protest subsides once it is in place. I’m getting her prepared for Sunday when I will thoroughly ravish her tiny rectum. For now however it is her prime pussy that will get all my undivided attention. My tongue swirls mischievously around the gateway of her moist insides. Her seeping pussy walls are so inviting, juicy and soft. It’s as if her cunt is just begging to be brutally fucked and ravished. Of course that is what I plan to do but I want to make absolutely sure that this wench becomes completely addicted to burning, itching lust. The only way I can do that is to gradually, carefully and gently introduce her tender cunt to every level of visceral joy. Extra minutes invested here may lead to hundreds and hundreds of delirious hours for both of us later on. My hands automatically reach for and cup her small tits as my mouth continues to gorge on her helpless, wide open and slowly responding hole. All this time Lucinda is moaning and gasping as the fair haired innocent is quickly following the exotic brunette’s vivid instructions. She tells angelica exactly where to lick or suck and how hard and fast to do it. Lucinda is clasping angelica’s head with both her hands to keep that wicked little mouth centred on just the right places. Lucinda is swivelling her hips and grinding down. It’s obvious she is craving this intensely arousing contact.
My bulging cock feels like it will burst but somehow I hold back and keep slurping and sucking Angelica’s trickling pussy juices. She’s very wet now. I’m aching to rip open her budding little cherry. At last I mount her and Lucinda turns around to face me. She still keeps her cunt riveted to Angelica’s lapping mouth. My hands eagerly grope those familiar large mounds of pleasure. Lucinda’s mouth is hungry for mine and between long, torrid frenching she whispers, “Give it to her Tommy! Fuck her tiny pussy hole! After you squirt into her firm, fresh cunt, you have to fuck my holes. I itch so bad Tommy! I can practically taste it spurting in my mouth!“
I line up my dick and ever so slowly enter Angelica. God is she tight! Her cunt is soft and small and firm. Her wet warmth welcomes my invasive touch. Something in my groin will not be denied. I’m going to take this hot new bitch right now! I can feel resistance from her maidenhead and with a groan I force it and break it! Yes! I’ve broken a virgin at long last! I’m the first to fuck Angelica! I’m going to search every blessed inch of her tiny, untainted fuck hole until she screams with sheer delight!

Author Information

I’ve been writing erotica for almost ten years now. I enjoy bringing in all kinds of settings from ancient Egypt to the distant future. I attempt to put more in my books than simply sex encounters. To me the story is of paramount importance. I will never insult the reader by assuming he or she is only purchasing my book for a few cheep thrills.

My interests vary widely from classical music to major league baseball results to reading many kinds of fiction including movies. My all time two favorite producers were Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrik. I’ve tried to incorporate the realism of Kubric and the suspense thrills of Hitchcock whenever possible. So I hope you will be greatly entertained when you read my novels.


Publisher Information

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